Carton Receive and Forward Fee

Plenty of care and attentiveness goes into receiving your shipment at Amazon Fast Inspect’s warehouses. Amazon Fast Inspect will check each of the outer cartons to ensure that no damage or issues occurred during the shipping process. We will document the condition, number of cartons, number of units, and any problems we see with your shipment. You will receive photos of your shipment and a notification informing you of its arrival.

Our team of Amazon experts double check your goods to ensure they are Amazon compliant, meaning they meet all of Amazon’s strict FBA requirements. Amazon Fast Inspect then attaches labels to your shipment and sends your goods out on the next available truck.

Carton Receive and Forward Fee

Arrangement and coordination of:

Documentation of goods received

Notification of unit count, weights, shipment condition

Outer carton inspection for damage

Photos of shipment once goods are checked in

Labels for shipment created and applied to each carton

LTL shipping to Amazon’s fulfillment centers

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