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We have been offering pre-shipment inspections for some time now, and have had a great response from everyone that has been able to work with our inspection team in China. We’re now expanding operations there to include factory audits as well!

Everyone has heard about all scammers on Alibaba posing as real companies, only to disappear once they receive your deposit. Our factory audit team will go to the factory, verify safety and quality standards, and view the production of the product you’re about to order, all before you ever place your initial deposit. We know that first wire transfer can be scary, so let our team ease your mind. These services start at $299.


Pre-Shipment Inspection

Inspecting your products in China reduces the risk of receiving subpar goods from your supplier and ensure quality is upheld to protect your brand. We offer pre-inspection of your products in China, which is completed before you make your final payment to your supplier and your products get shipped to the U.S.

A random inspection is completed in accordance with a set of standards set forth by both you and your supplier. A comprehensive report is then emailed to you. Results include a score of “pass,” “reject,” or “pending,” with detailed comments and photographs as to why the sample of products received these scores.


Minimum total order amount: $300.00

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