The best way to build your Amazon business.

Amazon Fast Inspect was started with one goal in mind: simplify the logistics process so Amazon sellers can focus on the parts of their business that make them money.

We were frustrated with the different companies we had to deal with, lack of information available to new sellers, and overall shortage of transparency in the industry. We started out as a company that would pick up shipments at the port and send them to Amazon Fast Inspect using discounted Amazon shipping rates, and have built an amazing team that has helped us evolve to where we are today. We’ve hired a group of people who are Amazon experts and love logistics, so you don’t have to, and have made customer service our top priority.

We have 5 years of experience

We are committed to providing fast and efficient services that enable you to grow you business. Our goal is to have the most efficient process with the highest accuracy.

Our Mission

To empower anyone to trade globally & to make entrepreneurial dreams come true

Our Vision

To be recognized as the world's leading trading marketplace.


The best way to build your Amazon business

Meet Our Team


Jay Retboll

Founder & CEO


Mark Brown



Caitlin Rasing

Marketing Specialist